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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Referring Doctor for Brighter Image Lab.

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We appreciate your interest in becoming an authorized dealer for Brighter Image Lab®. As one of the largest and fastest growing cosmetic smile designers, and our revolutionary line of Bilistic Teeth Cleaning Products, Brighter Image Lab is always looking to expand its client reach with new opportunities.

For more information and benefits of being an authorized dealer for Brighter Image Lab®, please review the information provided. For consideration to become apart of our growing network of authorized dealer, please fill out the form below.

Benefits of Being a Dealer with Brighter Image Lab

Authorized Dealer PROGRAM - BENEFITS

Authorized Dealer - Benefits - Effective


Give your clients access to affordable options they will love.

Authorized Dealer - Benefits - Affordable


Reasonable Start-up costs mean you can turn profit in just days

Authorized Dealer - Benefits - Scalable


Great for operations of any size! Do as much or as little as you want.

From independent salons to multinational business, Brighter Image Lab’s dealer program provides you access to high-demand products and services you can offer to your own clients. Give them something special! Become a Brighter Image Lab dealer, today!

Who Qualifies For Our Referring Partner Program?

Small Business Owners help their clients smile while making extra money

Small - Medium Business Owners

Setup a small demo in your store or office, and increase interest in our products and services.

Sell our various smile makeover products with minimal effort and training. From teeth cleaning / bleaching and tooth polishers to veneers and smile makeovers, our line-up has something for everyone.

International Business Owners

We already serve clients in almost every country, but we know there are still so many clients around the world that still need our product. No one knows your market like you do, and thanks to our partnership with FedEx we us deliver amazing smiles, in a reasonable time, almost anywhere in the world.

International Business Owners who partner with Brighter Image Lab have large earning potential
Dentists add another lucrative profit center with Brighter Image Lab

Dentists, Hygenists, and Dental Industry Professionals

Before you consider purchasing another expensive piece of equipment designed to increase your profits, consider offering products from Brighter Image Lab.

We can help you setup a info station designed to educate your patients on the benefits of smile makeovers. Then, after a short training session, your staff can boost sales designed to help you turn a profit.

Salon and Spa Owners

Add a line-up of amazing new beauty products and give your clients a reason to smile! Whether your clients just need a good teeth cleaning or bleaching, to a whole new smile makeover, we can help you serve them.

Bring a display into your salon or spa and let us inform your clients on the benefits of what a new smile can do for them.

Increase profits at your salon by becoming a Brighter Image Lab dealer

Characteristics of Successful Brighter Image Partners

  • Well Respected / High Volume Office
  • Understanding of Local Competitive Atmosphere
  • Motivated and Knowledgeable Sales Staff
  • Full Utilization of Targeted Display Materials
  • An Emphasis on Excellent Customer Service
  • Clean and Well Kept Facilities
  • Strong Marketing Plan with a Consistent Strategy
  • Volume Driven, Aggressive Pricing Structure
Successful Brighter Image Partners tend to display these characteristics

Why Brighter Image Lab?

Brighter Image Lab is the largest and fastest growing Lab-Direct smile makeover provider in North America. By providing the best Removable Dental Veneers at the best price, authorized dealers and consumers alike have trusted Brighter Image for more than 20 years. No other provider offers the value that Brighter Image offers its clients. However, having a good product is only part of the equation. Providing exceptional customer service and creating genuine partnerships with our dealers is the true secret to our success. In addition to creating new smiles with exceptional quality and premium features, Brighter Image can offer you unparalleled customer service as well as intangibles that truly separate us from the competition. Some of the advantages of being an authorized partner for Brighter Image Lab include:

Become a Brighter Image Lab Authorized Dealer today!
Become a Brighter Image Lab Authorized Dealer to help your clients smile while you earn profit!

Stability – Brighter Image Lab has been an industry leader for over 20 years and has the assets and leadership to do so for the next 20 years.

Unique Product Offerings Brighter Image has one-of-a-kind products available to our dealers that aren’t available from any other provider in the world.

Brand Name Recognition Brighter Image Lab is the established leader in our industry. Our client’s smiles are seen in boardrooms, grocery stores, on red carpets and in family photos all over the world. Coupled with our national advertising campaigns, the Brighter Image Lab brand is more widely recognized.

Confidence Our dealers can be confident when selling a Brighter Image smile because of our excellent warranty and satisfaction guarantee protection.

Support Our Partner Support Services are unmatched in the industry. Personal relationships are made with each practice to assure personalized customer service.

Apply today to become a Brighter Image Lab Authorized Dealer

What Products are available in the Referring Partners Program?

Removable Veneers

Our Signature Bil Veneers and our Elite Signature IncrediBIL Veneers, allow you to offer your clients a smile solution for almost every smile need. Our removable veneers are available in multiple shades and are always custom fit to your client's natural smile.

Bilistic Tooth Polisher

Finally, a professional dental tool designed for at-home use! A powerful tooth polisher that is compatible with virtually all prophy heads available at any dentist office. This is the finest Pro Series Tooth Polishing System on the market today.

Bilistic Pro-Polisher Series II - New for 2019
Teeth Cleaning Bleaching Special by Brighter Image Lab

Bilistic Teeth Cleaning and Bleaching

Teeth Whitening is dead. It just doesn't work, or rather, it covers an underlying issue. We set out to fix the problem which was people needed cleaner teeth instead of whiter teeth.

We accomplished this by introducing Bilistic Detox Serum to our proven Lab Direct Teeth Whitening System, creating the first Teeth Cleaning/Bleaching System. Nothing you can buy online will get your teeth cleaner!

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